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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Drains

2017 is well and truly underway and you may have been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions to make. Many people choose to improve themselves, whether that involves losing weight, quitting smoking or exercising more. However, have you thought about making … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Keep Your Drain Clog-Free [Infographic]

Blocked drains can cause a whole range of problems, so it’s always important that you do everything you can to keep your drains clog-free. But how do you go about doing that? Take a look at our infographic for a … Continue reading

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5 Signs That There’s Something Wrong With Your Drains

Drainage systems are nifty things – they get rid of all of our waste without us needing to think about it… most of the time. Sometimes, problems do happen, and they can be easy and affordable to resolve if caught … Continue reading

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What to Look for in a Potential Plumber

There’s often a world of options when looking for a plumber – so which one do you choose? If you’re on the lookout for a professional, here’s some advice that will guarantee you receive the same quality service associated with … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Dedicated Drain Maintenance

Running a business is a hectic and busy task, so the last thing that you want to be worrying about is blocked drains. A problem with your drain can lead to unhappiness in your employees, problems for the regular running … Continue reading

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Maintain Your Drain: Why Drain Maintenance is Important

Property maintenance companies are responsible for providing reliable and cost effective property maintenance; working closely with both homeowners and landlords. Their job can be different from property to property; from tackling broken locks to painting and decorating. Landlords in particular, … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Keep Your Drains Healthy

Modern plumbing has evolved to be a complex system of piping and drainage, and unlike the old days, it can handle a lot that is flushed into it. However, taking care of your drains will make sure they last longer, … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Drain Smells

Nothing’s worse than a smelly drain in your home – once you get a nasty whiff, it isn’t long before the smell has spread to other rooms in your house because it gets so pungent. There will be a moment … Continue reading

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That’s the End of Rat: Preventing Pest Infestation this Autumn

When dealing with the unfortunate blocked drains in Nottingham that we see on a daily basis, we are becoming increasingly aware of the trouble that leaves are causing already this autumn. Our previous blog provided some hints towards how you … Continue reading

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Don’t Leaf It: How to Avoid Autumn Leaves Blocking Your Drain

Ah, autumn- the season of beautiful colours and crisp, refreshing air. As soon as the leaves begin to turn that familiar collaboration of burnt oranges and reds, you can be sure that the time for them to fall isn’t far … Continue reading

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