CCTV Surveys for Blocked Drains

Have you got a block in your drain that you just can’t locate? Well, with the latest innovative technology, we can help you find it. Check out our amazing new infographic to find out more about how CCTV surveys can help you to find your blockage.

Inspect-a-drain-infographic (2)

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at our latest infographic. If you have a blocked drain that needs unclogging, Inspect A Drain can help. Contact us by calling 07967 029298.

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blocked drains in Derby – Common Problems

Every homeowner (or renter) will have experienced at least one problem with their plumbing over the years. In fact, we would be surprised if they had only experienced one.

Problems happen, especially with plumbing. It doesn’t matter how well kept your home is, without regular maintenance, problems are going to occur. You should aim to keep on top of your home’s plumbing system, as this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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blocked drains in Sheffield?


If you have ever had blocked drains in Sheffield, then read on. It’s now the summer season and you must be desperate to pull out your suitcases, dust off your summer hats and jet off to far and distant places where the sun always shines and you don’t have to deal with any bothersome drains.

At least… that’s what you think.

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CCTV Surveys Explained

Drainage systems are an incredibly important feature of any property, whether it is commercial or residential, so it is imperative that you hire genuine and experienced engineers whenever you encounter blocked drains or any related problems.

At Inspect-A-Drain we are aware of how much inconvenience a blocked drain can cause, and this is why we strive to complete all the tasks you approach us with, to the highest standard possible. We have the necessary know how and equipment to get your drainage flowing effectively in no time, and one of the ways we use to detect a blockage is through CCTV surveys.

Although it is possible to tackle the odd case of a drain blockage by jetting the blocking substances away or through the use of electromechanical tools, persistent blockages require the use of more complex means of removal. This is when we employ CCTV surveys. A CCTV survey consists of a camera that is pushed down a drain, pipe or sewer to observe the cause of the blockage. The results are displayed on a monitor to allow the engineer to view the source of the recurring blockage.

Many customers with blocked drains in Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby choose CCTV drain inspections, as we make sure they are aware of the advantages of using this highly regarded problem detecting method. The benefits of using CCTV surveys include:

Convenience: There is minimal disruption to your daily routine

Cost efficiency: There is no excavation required

Accuracy: The equipment and method are renowned for their consistency

CCTV surveys are usually coupled with a follow up method, which is the actual solution to the blockage. Many of the solutions available here are typically cost effective, so clients do not have to break the bank to receive the best solution for their drainage. So next time you suspect blocked drains in Derby, Sheffield or Nottingham you should remember that we at Inspect-A-Drain are available to help.

As many of our clients will already know, we specialise in dealing with numerous drainage problems. We are able to provide you with professional assistance when dealing with blocked drains in Sheffield and many other areas. From fatty build-ups to roots growth, we’ve seen it all, and we have the necessary knowhow and equipment to get your drainage flowing effectively in no time. Contact us today on 0800 195 8670 for more information about our services.

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Four Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Nottingham

Blocked drains are unpleasant, smelly and inconvenient. Here at Inspect-A-Drain, we specialise in dealing with blocked drains in Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby and we’ve seen all sorts of blockages. However, some things come up time and again – these are the most common causes of blocked drains:

Foreign Objects

Some things ought to be flushed down the toilet; other things shouldn’t. Sanitary products and nappies are frequent offenders, but blockages can also be caused by mischievous children flushing away their toys (or the toilet brush, a towel, or whatever happens to be in the bathroom…) Even things that are designed to go down the loo can cause problems in the wrong quantities – like too much toilet roll at once.


Most people don’t think about just how much of their hair comes out in the shower – until they see us pull it out of their blocked drain. Because it can easily snag on other objects and even rough edges inside the pipe, it can build up inside your pipes and gradually obstruct them. You can prevent this to some extent by using a device that catches the hair at the plughole, but these aren’t perfect.


We don’t often see entire trees in drains, but their leaves and roots can often cause serious issues. If you don’t have effective drain covers, leaves can easily make their way into your pipes and build up into a blockage. Meanwhile, tree roots seek out the nearest source of water – and they can break into your pipes to find it. Once there, they’ll grow along the inside of the pipe until they block it entirely.


Grease, fat and similar sorts of sticky, slimy muck – if you tip it down your plughole, chances are it will cling to the sides of the pipe and stick there, building up until nothing can move through it. This is another cause that can be prevented, simply by being careful about what you dispose of through your waste pipes, but many a householder has had to face blocked pipes because the previous owner wasn’t so careful.

Whatever might be the cause of your blocked drains in Sheffield or the surrounding area, call Inspect-A-Drain for a prompt, professional and effective service. Our team of expert drainage engineers can help with surveys and drain tests, repairs to damaged pipes and clearing blocked drains in Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and anywhere in between, so call us on 0800 195 8670 today.

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Drains as Cold as Ice: How to Take Care of Your Drains this Winter


With winter well underway we’re pretty certain you’ve already felt the nip of the icy weather in the early morning. So far we’ve hurried through our houses, digging out our woolly jumpers, hats and gloves given as gifts from last Christmas. While you’ve been wrapping yourselves up, however, have you ever stopped to wonder what this drop in temperature will do to your drains? Continue reading

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Expert Advice on How to Prevent Blocked Drains in Nottingham

Those who have experienced a blocked drain on their property before will tell you that they can be particularly unpleasant, leaving nasty smells lingering in your home, as you are unable to dispose wastewater from your property. Although some drain blockage situations are none of the homeowners fault, many of them are and they can be prevented in the first place.

As a company that provides assistance with blocked drains in Nottingham, we would like to present to you tips to help you eliminate the likelihood of blocked drains on your property:

The hot water trick: The sink is a part of the kitchen that many of us use frequently throughout the day. Grease and other substances regularly poured down the sink are the greatest sources of blocked drains, so it is a good habit to make sure you pour hot water down the sink every time after use. Hot water helps keep all the oily substances running down the pipes instead of solidifying and clogging the pipes.

Turn to the cupboard: If grease and other organic substances have been building up over time, it is likely that hot water will not be powerful enough to wash away these unwanted substances. In this case, you can turn to the cupboard for help – this is probably one of the few times when vinegar and baking soda will make a perfect combination. Vinegar is a very acidic substance, so pouring it down the sink will help loosen and wash away the clogged substances. A large dose of baking soda followed by hot water will help completely wash away the grease and mask any nasty smells produced.

Building work: Construction work at your home could be the source of a major blocked drain if the workmen are not cautious about the drainage system. Any work that interferes with the drainage should be approved by the local authority before it commences, as non-professional work might harm the whole neighbourhood’s drainage system.

Cautiousness: In a previous blog called four common causes of blocked drains, we discussed the main things that cause the most blockages in residential drains. You need to be cautious about what you flush down the drains. From our experience, foreign objects like sanitary towels, children’s toys and hair that gradually collects in the shower cause the most blockages, so it is important to ensure nothing as such or similar ends up in your drain.

It is important to make sure that you try your best to keep your drains clean to prevent any nasty surprises in the form of blockages. However, in the case of your encountering blocked drains in Sheffield, you should contact professionals like us at Inspect-A-Drain. We offer assistance to many clients with blocked drains in Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Contact us on 01335 360 879 for more information about our services.

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The Science Behind Unblocking Your Drains

In the average household, your toilet, sink, bath and shower all empty into the exact same waste pipe. From here it makes its way into the sewers until it’s cleaned up and returned to rivers and other streams of water.

However, it doesn’t always go to plan.

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All About Leaks

Although we’re experts in blocked drains, we’ve discovered a few things about leaks along the way – drains and plumbing go hand in hand, especially since one can lead to the other.

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Myths and Misconceptions About Toilets

Think you know all there is to know about the ins, outs and u-bends of drains? Well these assumptions people have about drains and the maintenance of them suggest otherwise. For many people, once we flush things down the loo or wash things down the drain, as far as we’re concerned, that’s the end of them. But maybe that’s the reason why you’ve had to make an emergency call to the plumber.

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