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Subsidence – we check everything!

In our opinion there can only be one approach to subsidence that may be related to drainage issues and that is not to leave any drainage section, regardless of ownership or accessibility, unchecked.

Countless times we have been employed by one of our major clients to conduct a survey on a system that has already been checked by a third party drainage company only to find that the third party drainage company has completely overlooked some sections because they were not easily accessed. This simply cannot happen in a case of subsidence!

Equally, countless times, we have found that a section or sections of drainage have been overlooked even after repairs and it is these which have been leaking badly contributing to the movement in the property.

Whilst you could say ‘well at least it was solved in the end’ this will not pacify the homeowner who has had to move out for their own safety, or the insurance company who is now out of pocket for another survey and has got to pay out for even more associated works to make good the property, this may have been considerably less if the cause had been found quicker.

Inspect – A – Drain Ltd’s approach is simple – Get it right first time!

Or, at the very least, make every person connected with the problem aware of what we recommend even if they then choose to ignore the advice offered!

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