Case Studies & Testimonials

Whatever the drainage issue We can provide the solution

Here are just a few write up’s about some of the projects Inspect-A-Drain has worked on recently, if you want to hear more or follow up on any these then please contact us at 0800 195 8670 or 07967 029298.

Tesco discovered that the whole shop floor at one of their stores was not stable and uneven. A company was employed to stabilise and re-level the flooring. We were employed to ensure that the drainage was kept operational at all times. This was undertaken and very successful but the best news for Tesco was the shop remained open 24 hrs a day! No loss in profits and no hindrance to the customers.

Trent College – Long Eaton had 90 metres off 225mm diameter clay drainage that was in a very poor and crumbling condition we rehabilitated in just a single morning by lining – making it fit to use in the afternoon!

Mrs X from Little Eaton:-

A loss adjuster had two companies attend Mrs X’s problem drainage running out to the road.

Both companies had failed to clear the drainage and it looked like a complex road excavation at a very high cost was required, but, as a last attempt to solve the problem, they employed the services of Roger Steadman (MD, Inspect – A – Drain Ltd). Roger approached the blockage from the road end using a jetter and a piece of rope to pull the jetting hose into position. The blockage cleared and even the sewerage that had been left in the garden from the other companies attempts flowed away. The run was then re-lined and the problem was solved at a fraction of the cost”.

It’s simple, a little application of thought, can change how a job goes – that is what we at Inspect-A-Drain Ltd apply to every job!

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