CCTV Drain Inspection Surveys In Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield & Sheffield

Whatever the drainage issue We can provide the solution

Our CCTV Drain Surveys have a broad range of surveys to meet your needs.

Inspect-A-Drain offer a broad range of common surveys (see below), however, if we can get a camera in we will survey anything!

The most common surveys that we undertake are:

  • WRC standard surveys for build over permits, i.e. extensions or other building projects.
  • House purchase surveys/home buyers reports.
  • Subsidence problems
  • Re-occurring blockage problems
  • Pre-adoption surveys


CCTV Drain Inspection Derby

How We Conduct Drain Surveys?

Whilst undertaking CCTV drain surveys all accessible drainage (or that depicted by our customer) will be surveyed by either a hand pushed camera or crawler system.

All images will be stored on DVD unless our Micro-Bore Camera is used, which, whilst enabling us to reach more awkward places that are often overlooked by others in our trade, it does not, due to its small size, have record capability. However, the Micro-Bore Camera is particularly advantageous for subsidence claims or for properties that do not have manhole access.

Schedule A Drain Survey – 0800 195 8670 / 07967 029298

All CCTV surveys are accompanied by a report as detailed below.

Many of our competitors have chosen to use a standardised layout of CCTV drain survey report that only an experienced drainage person could really understand. This package is expensive and whilst it makes it easier for the drainage supplier’s inputting clerk to manage, it does not provide accessible information to the customer who often has little knowledge of drainage jargon – so we make it simple!.

WHY?! The customer comes first!                              

Our CCTV drain inspection in Derby, Sheffield, Mansfield, Nottingham and surrounding areas are generally laid out as follows:

  1. A summary letter outlining drainage observations which are then put into context
  2. A step-by-step account of drainage observations i.e. depths, lengths, cracks, displacements, breaks, roots, shared ownerships, cause of damage, urgency of repair opinion, etc
  3. A drawing of the site showing manhole locations and individual runs in relation to the property
  4. An itemised quotation to correct the drainage, if it is required

When you want CCTV drain surveys in Derby, Nottingham, Mansfield and Sheffield please contact Inspect-A-Drain today on 0800 195 8670 or 07967 029298.

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