Understanding Drain and Sewer Blockages

Blocked drains

Blocked drains and sewers are among the most common causes of household emergency callouts every year in Britain. The resultant nasty smells and unsanitary, germ-ridden environment make it completely unquestionable why every homeowner wants the issue to be rectified promptly.

blocked drains Derby

A blocked drain or sewer is not an everyday occurrence; therefore it is understandable that the average person will be very confused about what to do when this unpleasant situation arises. Being a company that specialises in fixing blocked drains Derby residence call, we at Inspect-A-Drain will use this blog to explain a little bit about drains and sewers to help you understand the situation when it does occur.

The difference between a drain and a sewer

Firstly, you need to understand that there is a difference between the drain and the sewer. By definition, a drain is a pipe that drains wastewater from a building in which it is located, for example, the kitchen. Each pipe located on your building connects into the main pipe known as the lateral drain – this is a pipe located within the boundaries of your property. A sewer is a larger network of pipes that collects drainage waste from a number of properties, for example, your neighbourhood.

Who to turn to for help?

Since your drains, including the lateral drain, are part of your property, it is your responsibility to make sure they are fixed in the case of a blockage. This part of the process should not be complicated, as it is easy to locate a local company. For example, we at Inspect-A-Drain help many clients who have blocked drains in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. As for the sewers, local water companies are usually responsible for any repair work needed. If you’re unsure about who is responsible for fixing your sewers it is a good idea to contact your local authority for professional advice.

Remember; with drainage, it is always important to make sure that any signs of blockage receive professional attention immediately, as the smallest of blockages can cause devastating damage to your property and belongings. So next time you suspect blocked drains in Stoke on Trent, Chesterfield and Mansfield make sure you contact us at Inspect-A-Drain on 0800 195 8670 or via email at roger@drain-inspections.com.

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Fixing Blocked Drains Without Excavation


If we didn’t have drains, what would we do? They transport our dirty and clean water from point A to point B (and everywhere in between). They keep our everyday lives running smoothly; from the taps in our kitchen sinks to the toilet in our bathrooms, we owe a lot to these awesome inventions!
Because our thick, thin, large and small drains take care of us, it’s only right that we take care of them. So how can we do this?

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Do You Know What Drains Have to Do with Subsidence?


Subsidence is a common here in the UK – according to the fancy-titled Landmark Information Group, it’s actually cost £3bn to the economy over the last decade. And that’s a cost that’s going to keep rising, given that many believe that upwards of 1 in 5 UK houses suffer subsidence. Continue reading

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Prevent Blocked Drains With Drain Maintenance

With the good old British weather having its usual seasonal melt-down; it’s a perfect excuse to implement a few drain maintenance tasks, making sure that you are prepared for any unexpected weather conditions that may arise in the coming months. This article discusses drain maintenance to prevent many of the causes of blocked drains Derby people complain about.

Too often, people only consider their drains when something goes wrong, but by then, it is usually too late and bacteria-filled water has already damaged your property.

So, if you want to provide your home with a preventative drain-disaster care plan, whatever the season – here are a few reasons why drain maintenance is vital to your home’s overall health and efficiency.

blocked drains Derby

As with many types of home repair, preventing occurrences through regular property maintenance is the best and most efficient way to keep a property healthy, and any unexpected repairs at bay. As you’re probably aware, there are many pipes which run throughout your home, taking wastewater from your home, under your home, through the garden and eventually, leading to a sewer connection. So, of course – it’s important to keep these plumbing lines clean and drains flowing well.

When drain lines work well – waters flow quickly and straight down the drain. However, eventually, drain lines will become clogged due to an accumulation of food, grease, soap and various other bits and bobs that may fall down the drain.

This is completely normal, however, at the first sign of slow draining, contact a professional. Professionals are able to use proper tools and chemicals to keep your drains clear, without damaging pipes and fittings. Even the simplest of sink clogs can cause serious flooding, resulting in drywall.

Clogs can happen to a number of different fixtures and fittings and are not more prone to a particular one. For some sewer lines, tree roots are a common problem and result in discarded sewage backing up through floor drains in the lower level of the home. This can, in turn, become a serious problem, particularly for older, more established properties which are surrounded by far-reaching tree roots.

Preventative maintenance is the answer to such issues and prevents drains from clogging and breeding bacteria. For the best prevention all year round, homeowners are advised to have their bathtubs, showers and sink drains professionally cleaned at least once a year, reducing the risk of serious and more expensive repairs.

For more information, or if you think your home may be affected by blocked drains in Derby – please do not hesitate to contact us on 01335 360 879 today!

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Football Pitch Sized Fatberg Found Blocking Drains in Wales

Last month there was an unwelcome discovery below the streets of a small market town in Wales. Water workers were doing work in the sewers when they came across a gigantic fatberg, which they predict must have been building for quite a few years. Do you know what a fatberg is? Have you come across one before? It’s a congealed lump of fat, wet wipes or other items found in sewers – which have not been broken down properly. These clogs have been found in sewers all over the world, with some of them being extremely massive in size. They aren’t pleasant as you can imagine which is why the workers in Wales got a nasty shock when they found one underneath homes in the Welsh town. Continue reading

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Summer Flash Floods and Blocked Drains

With summer at its height, you may not be unduly worried about flooded drains, and despite the inconsistent weather in the UK you’re probably still looking forward to many weeks of warm, sunny weather.

Despite this, flash floods can actually be a real concern in the hot summer months, and as a specialist servicer of blocked drains Derby residence rely on we’ve seen plenty of people get caught out by a neglected drain in the summertime. But what exactly do we mean by this?

Blocked Drain Derby

Flash Floods

Flash flooding occurs when rain becomes so heavy that the ground simply can’t take it anymore. Either it can’t drain freely away, or it simply takes too long to do so, but the result is that a lot of ground can become flooded. Of course, this problem is exacerbated if there is a nearby water source to overflow, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re only at risk if your home is located near a body of water.

The Problem with Summer

So what’s the problem with summer?

That would be the dry ground.

Summer thunderstorms are hardly unknown in the UK, but they are doubly problematic because they are interspersed with hot weather that bakes the ground, resulting in it being far too hard and dry to absorb much water. This means that in the event of a heavy summer downpour, you could soon have a flood on your hands, given the sheer quantity of rain that regularly falls.

Blocked Drains

If people spot a blocked drain in winter, then they tend to act more quickly. They’re perhaps less likely to panic if they see such a drain in summer. Actually though, the conditions in summer can lead to far more floods in some areas, so it really does pay to take a lot of notice when it comes to keeping your drains clear.

If your drains are in need of some maintenance, or you suspect that you may have a blockage, then we welcome you to get in touch with us here at Inspect-a-Drain Ltd. We’re frequently called out to deal with blocked drains in Mansfield, blocked drains in Stoke on Trent and various drainage problems in other nearby areas, so we’re ideally placed to solve any and all drainage concerns that you might have. If you’d like to find out more, then be sure to contact us by calling 01335 360879 or emailing roger@drain-inspections.com.

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Blocked Drains Derby Residence Suffer From

Blocked drains derby residence suffer from, vary enormously.

Most people will experience a blocked drain at some point in their lives, but you’d be surprised at how many people will leave a drain blocked for relatively long periods of time before they actually get it properly serviced. Whether this reluctance is down to an attitude that the problem will ‘sort itself out’ or a sense of inexplicable embarrassment is unimportant; the fact is that you should get any blocked drains cleared as soon as you notice the problem occurring.
Leaving a blocked drain can bring about a variety of unwanted long-term consequences within a property, and such a problematic drain can even Drain unblocking Derbybe a symptom of serious underlying concerns as well. As a specialist service when it comes to attending to blocked drains in Derby, here are a few of our top reasons as to why you should get your blocked drains dealt with sooner rather than later.

Water Resurgence

A blocked drain will not always bring about immediate problems, but leaving one for a while could eventually lead to water resurgence. This happens when the water from a sink or toilet – unable to pass the blockage – slowly builds up in your pipes before then being expelled back into your home or property. Floods in the summer time can be especially arduous to deal with, as the parched ground can flatly refuse to absorb any excess water, leaving it standing for a long time, so you definitely want to get a drain serviced as soon as you notice the blockage.

Secondary Problems

Drain Unblocking Derby

Blocked drains lead onto other household mishaps. The most obvious secondary concern is the flooding that a blocked drain might cause, or the leakages from over-pressurised pipes, but there are other bothersome traits too. Blocked drains regularly result in damp or mould holding sway within your property, and some people spend a good deal of money trying to sort out these troubles before they realise their first action should have been the unblocking of a nearby drain. If you don’t attend to the cause, the effect won’t go away.

Structural Damage

Sometimes, a drain becomes blocked not because of clogging debris, but as a result of an underlying structural complaint. This could be a partial collapse, an intruding tree-root or many other situations, but regardless of the specificities, any such damage needs rectifying forthwith. Unless you have your drain serviced to determine the cause of a blockage, you may never find out about one of these problems until it becomes a real issue in the future.

Drains can become blocked for a vast range of reasons. One especially curious incident that was reported recently was the blocking up of a sewer in London, where hundreds of discarded tennis balls were the cause of the problem! The story, related to the BBC News website, still has no explanation, but the solution to any sort of blockage is always to get it serviced as soon as possible.

Here at Inspect-A-Drain, we deal with clients who are being afflicted by blocked drains in Derby, blocked drains in Sheffield,  and a wide range of other nearby areas, and we have a proven track record when it comes to solving all of these problems in a hugely efficient fashion.
No job is too large or small for our reputable firm to tackle, so the next time you notice a blocked drain don’t leave the problem to get worse! Instead, contact us by calling 0800 195 8670, 01335 360879 or emailing roger@drain-inspections.com and we’ll be happy to clear any sort of drainage issue in no time at all.

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CCTV Surveys for Blocked Drains

Have you got a block in your drain that you just can’t locate? Well, with the latest innovative technology, we can help you find it. Check out our amazing new infographic to find out more about how CCTV surveys can help you to find your blockage.

Inspect-a-drain-infographic (2)

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at our latest infographic. If you have a blocked drain that needs unclogging, Inspect A Drain can help. Contact us by calling 07967 029298.

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blocked drains in Derby – Common Problems

Every homeowner (or renter) will have experienced at least one problem with their plumbing over the years. In fact, we would be surprised if they had only experienced one.

Problems happen, especially with plumbing. It doesn’t matter how well kept your home is, without regular maintenance, problems are going to occur. You should aim to keep on top of your home’s plumbing system, as this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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blocked drains in Sheffield?


If you have ever had blocked drains in Sheffield, then read on. It’s now the summer season and you must be desperate to pull out your suitcases, dust off your summer hats and jet off to far and distant places where the sun always shines and you don’t have to deal with any bothersome drains.

At least… that’s what you think.

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