Drain Repairs in Nottingham, Sheffield & Derby

Whatever the drainage issue We can provide the solution

Drainage Repairs – these normally consist of either ‘no dig technology’ i.e ‘lining’ or excavation

The most common sizes of pipework that Inspect-A-Drain deals with in many excavations or lining projects are 75mm up to 150mm, however for special requests we can also undertake works on pipelines up to 300mm.

All excavations and drain repairs in Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham are undertaken safely and in accordance with the WRC drainage repair handbook. Only British standard pipe types are used.


Drain Repairs in Nottingham

Customers are kept fully informed (before works commence) of:

  • Potential impacts that excavations or lining works may have on their property
  • Any usage of their services that may be required

On completion customers will be asked to:

  • Comment on how¬† the works have progressed
  • Comment on the condition of the site (how the site has been left) at the end of works.

Any concerns, if not dealt with on site, should be addressed to senior management by phoning us on 0800 195 8670 or 07967 029298. When you need help with drain repairs in Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield please contact Inspect-A-Drain today.

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