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Whatever the drainage issue We can provide the solution

Listed here are a number of different types of customers for whom we currently provide drainage services:

Domestic Customers

We will solve all of your drainage problems, and most importantly at competitively low prices to suit your budget. Whether your drainage dilemma is pipe damage that may require a CCTV drain survey, or merely a blocked sink, our first priority is to devise a solution that is catered to your needs.

At Inspect-A-Drain, we understand how upsetting it can be if an issue with your drain occurs without warning. Therefore night or day, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are available 24/7. Not only is a blocked drain very unpleasant, it can also be potential health hazard.

Therefore in a drainage emergency our promise to you is simple; we will respond as quickly as possible.

Structural & Consulting Engineers

In our opinion there can only be one approach to subsidence that may be related to drainage issues; do not to leave any drainage section, regardless of ownership or accessibility, unchecked.

Countless times we have been employed by one of our major clients to conduct a survey on a system that has already been checked by a third party drainage company only to find that the third party drainage company has completely overlooked some sections because they were not easily accessed. This simply cannot happen in a case of subsidence!

Equally, countless times, we have found that a section or sections of drainage have been overlooked even after repairs and it is these which have been leaking badly contributing to the movement in the property.

Whilst you could say ‘well at least it was solved in the end’ this will not pacify the homeowner who has had to move out for their own safety, or the insurance company who is now out of pocket for another survey and has got to pay out for even more associated works to make good the property¬† – this may have been considerably less if the cause had been found quicker.

Our approach is simple – get it right first time!

Or, at the very least, make every person connected with the problem aware of what we recommend even if they then choose to ignore the advice offered!

Local Authorities

In short, Inspect-A-Drain Ltd are ‘CHAS’ accredited and ‘Constructionline’ approved!

Do you require a professional, reliable, hardworking, cost effective and fully conversant drainage company to cater for your tenants needs?

Call us now on 0800 195 8670 and give us a try!

We have extensive experience of working with Local Authorities, if you require any further information or want a reference, then please contact us, we would be delighted to put you in touch with some of our very satisfied Local Authority clients, who will confirm our expertise and efficiency.

Loss Adjusters

Loss Adjusters are a key customer of Inspect-A-Drain, they have high expectations of what we can deliver and need evidence that we can provide an effective service – so, we make it simple:

All Inspect-A-Drain Drainage Reports, Quotations and Assessments are itemised in a ‘shopping list’ format so you can pick what you feel is applicable to the claim.

We also ensure to determine share aspects, Public Sewers and Causes of Damage to ensure that our Loss Adjuster customers have all the relevant information required to make a decision about next steps.

The overall aim of Inspect-A-Drain is to build an effective relationship with individual Loss Adjusters – this is not entirely altruistic, but by doing this we will find ourselves in a ‘win-win’ situation:

  • you get a reliable, cost-effective and efficient drainage supplier
  • we ensure a consistent supply of projects and a regular income

Inspect-A-Drain does not:

  • exaggerate the truth
  • hard sell
  • overcharge

Inspect-A-Drain believes in fairness and works to develop effective relationships with all of our customers.

Insurance Companies

With over countless years of experience, Inspect-A-Drain are only too aware that Insurance Companies can often struggle to create long lasting relationships with approved contractors.

We fully understand what an insurance policy is, and that it is not a maintenance contract.

We also know that you have boundaries to work within and that every claim has to be clearly detailed by what is essential and what is maintenance.

Inspect-A-Drain want to work with you as an extension of your company – not just as an approved contractor, to that end we can offer:

Skilled engineers, 25 years of experience, reliability, professionalism, no exaggeration, cost-effective pricing, happy, satisfied customers call us for references on 0800 195 8670), clear, simple reporting outlining causes of damage, a designated contact, speedy service and, above all, an honest approach to all aspects of Drainage Clearance, Inspection, and Repair.

We also offer you a one-stop-shop solution for most sites, including clearance, inspection, report and repair for a one off price at all sites!

Give us a try – call us on 0800 195 8670 now!

Property Maintenance Companies

Property Maintenance clients need someone to look after their properties.

As a Property Maintenance Company we know that you are looking for the best deal you can for both yourself and your clients and that means driving down high property maintenance bills.

Part of those bills will be made up of drainage related problems.

Inspect-A-Drain’s approach is to ‘maintain and not always renew’.

We are sure that whatever your drainage requirement, Inspect-A-Drain can cater for your needs – to find out more or give us a try, at prices you will find very favourable and tailor made to suit your requirements.

Please call us on 0800 195 8670

Industrial & Commercial Properties

We are delighted to announce that Inspect-A-Drain can offer a broad range of services to the Industrial & Commercial Properties sector.

In addition to our broad range of standard services we also have sector specific services which includes Tanker Jetting, Gully Sucking and CCTV crawler systems

Please contact us on 0800 195 8670 with your specific requirements so that we can tailor make a suitable approach to your needs.

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