Drains as Cold as Ice: How to Take Care of Your Drains this Winter


With winter well underway we’re pretty certain you’ve already felt the nip of the icy weather in the early morning. So far we’ve hurried through our houses, digging out our woolly jumpers, hats and gloves given as gifts from last Christmas. While you’ve been wrapping yourselves up, however, have you ever stopped to wonder what this drop in temperature will do to your drains?


Drains, as we’re well aware of here at Inspect a Drain, can suffer irreparable damage during the winter months. Water left in unchecked drains can freeze, expanding and ultimately damaging the overall structure of the drain causing cracks and fractures to appear over night once the water has thawed out.

To prevent your drains from suffering an icy fate, there are a couple of things you can do.


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Unblocking Drains

Leading up to the deep, dark depths of winter it’s important to prevent those Autumn leaves and other debris from blocking up your drains. A blockage can act as a dam, holding back wastewater in your drains. If this happens, the trapped waste water will freeze overnight, damaging your drains.

Here at Inspect a Drain, we can handle any blocked drains in Mansfield, Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby. So this winter, when the Jack Frost descends, you don’t have to worry about unblocking and checking your drains!


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Disconnect your Hosepipe!

It may seem like an innocent and helpless outdoor accessory helping you to water your plants and wash your car with. Your hosepipe, however, can cause major damage to your faucet and pipes if your leave it connected over the winter months.

Have you ever picked up a hosepipe before turning it on, and found a bit of water dripping out of it? Hosepipes are notorious for retaining water after being used. Trapped in the length of plastic, the water, if left throughout the freezing temperatures, can freeze. This can back up into your faucet and pipes, damaging the entire structure over night!

To prevent this from happening, don’t forget to disconnect.


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Keep Drains and Pipes Toasty Warm

When it comes to helping prevent ice forming inside, and outside of your drains and pipes, turning the heat up always helps. Keeping your heating on can become very costly for your household payments, investing in insulation to wrap around the exterior of your pipes, however, can greatly decrease the likely hood of frozen pipes.

Heating lamps and hairdryers are also a huge help when it comes to thawing out any frozen pipes or drains, just be careful how you use them. Don’t place heaters too close to the pipes and don’t blast them, this can cause more damage to the structure than good. You’ve heard of the tortoise and the hare after all right?


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We understand that winter is a busy month for everybody and that the very last thing you want is to wake up to a burst or clogged drain. Saving you from a costly drain repair is what we do best so, if you’re like to know more about our expert services, contact us today on 01335 360879.

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