From Rivers to Drains -The Journey Your Water Takes

Have you ever wondered where the water in your drains comes from?

Well, it’s a long and fascinating journey. It starts from the rivers and lakes, then passes through the water treatment centers, Afterwards, it goes through underground tunnels and then it finally reaches your home’s drain pipes. 

But how does this journey work? What are the processes involved? We’ve looked at the long journey your water takes, how it comes from the rivers and lakes and then how it eventually reaches your house ready to be used for drinking and bathing.

Filling glass of tap water

It Starts from the Rivers and Lakes

Firstly, all water starts off as rain, the rain water streams through the rivers and lakes or filters through the earth. This becomes “groundwater” in which it is then pumped from the ground straight to the water treatment centres, so it can be chemically altered and cleansed of any contamination.

Water Treatment Centres

Once the water reaches a water treatment centre, it is stored in a reservoir. It’s kept here before it goes through the treatment stage, to allow the water to be preserved in case of emergencies such as water shortages. Also, storing the water in the reservoir starts up the “cleaning process” which involves allowing the large water particles to settle at the bottom.

After the water is stored, it is than screened for any branches or leaves to prevent the water transfer process transferring clogged up water. Subsequently, a process called “flocculation” occurs in which chemicals are added to the water to make the water particles bigger and easier to remove.

Before the water goes through its final treatment the water is filtered, which helps to remove the invisible particles to help purify the water. The final stage of water treatment then occurs involving a very small amount of chlorine being added to the water, which is usually then a one milligram per litre.

Woman washing her hands under running water

Finally, Your Home

Once the water has been fully treated and is ready for residential use, itt is then transported to underground tunnels which are owned and manged by your local councils. The water flows from these underground tunnels straight to your home’s drain pipes, where you can then safely drink and bath in.

What a very long journey! Now you know where you get your tap water from. We at Inspect a Drain are always interested in understanding how the sanitation system works. If you are having issues with your  home’s sanitation, such as a blocked drain in the Nottingham, Sheffield or Derby area, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0115 8226086.


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