7 Ways to Keep Your Drains Healthy

Modern plumbing has evolved to be a complex system of piping and drainage, and unlike the old days, it can handle a lot that is flushed into it. However, taking care of your drains will make sure they last longer, and that they don’t just decide to give up on you one day and cause a big problem.

Hot Water, Really Hot Water

Unlike cold water, hot water will keeps any grease or food leftovers running down the drain. This will prevent them from sticking to the pipes and clogging them.


Pour Vinegar

Still one of the best cleaners around – yes, your grandmother is right – if you pour one cup of vinegar down a drain, wait for 30 minutes, and then run hot water you will ensure that all those food bits will dissolve.

Apple cider vinegar in glass bottle and basket with fresh apples

For a Fresh Smell

You can use non-corrosive cleaners to keep your drain smelling like flowers, but a handful of baking soda followed by running hot water will chase the smells away. It won’t make it smell like roses, but it’s better than the alternative, right?

Eco-friendly natural cleaners baking soda, lemon and cloth

Catch the Food Bits

We know how tempting it is to let the little grains of rice go down the drain, but even though you tell yourself that “it’s just this once”, we know that it might happen again. The grains will join other pieces of food, and cause a nasty, smelly build-up.

fragrant basmati brown rice on a rustic wooden scoop, isolated on white
Give it a Regular Cleaning

Drains, especially shower ones, can be a bit gross. Alright, a LOT gross, but if you clean them regularly it will prevent hairs and suds from building up. No one likes a slow draining shower!

House cleaning product on wood table

Give Outside Drains Some Love

Check regularly for debris or leaves that might be keeping your drain from working properly. A drain grate will work wonders to catch the sneakiest of twigs, but you have to remember to clean it regularly too!

Blocked Drain Sheffield

Don’t Use Corrosive Chemicals

It might be tempting to just buy a strong acid and pour it down to drain to dissolve any build-ups. This is, of course, a very bad idea. You might injure yourself and you will certainly corrode the piping system. Keep to the home remedies; your drain will thank you.

Corrosive Sign

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