Autumn: The Season of Falling Leaves and Blocked Drains

The summer months are drawing to a close and autumn is getting nearer. More drain blockages occur during autumn than at any other time of year, and the culprit is of course falling autumn leaves. There’s nothing that you can do to prevent the browning leaves from falling all over your property, particularly if you have a lot of trees in your garden or live in an area that’s quite heavily wooded. At least you can take some solace in the fact that autumnal leaves do look rather nice, even if they’re a drainage nightmare.


Of course, a further compounding factor that makes that covering of leaves all the more troublesome for homeowners is that inevitable autumn rain, which will turn those leaves into unfortunate sludge that is not only extremely slippy underfoot, but something that is bound to be blocking up drainage systems across the country with decomposing plant matter.

There are two main drainage issues caused by leaves on the ground. Firstly, the fallen leaves can often cover up grids; preventing water getting into the drain, resulting in pools of stagnant water and leaf mulch all over your yard. Secondly, leaves can get into the drains, causing internal blockages that are far more troublesome and will often require the attention of a professional.


Prevent Leaves from Causing a Drainage Nightmare

Prevention is the best cure, and it’s better to act before the leaves can cause issues. Being proactive and ensuring that you regularly clear the leaves from your yard or garden will help enormously, preventing them from decomposing and causing serious drainage problems.

Sweep Up!

If you don’t already own one, then it’s time to invest in a good quality yard brush. Using both stiff bristled and softer brushes to gather up all the leaves on hard areas of your garden, such as patios and decking, is easy and effective. Brush up the leaves into a pile and then dispose of them appropriately, either in a compost heap if you have one, or in garden waste bins provided by your local council.

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Keep on top of the leave problem by giving the yard a good sweep up with the broom every few days, or more often if strong winds have dislodged more leaves than usual.

Maintain your Drain Covers & Grills

Before the end of summer it’s a good idea to check that your drain covers are in good condition. You’d be surprised at how often grills, particularly plastic covers, end up broken or even missing. A few snapped bars on a plastic drain cover or one that is missing completely will let leaves straight into the open drains, which is just tempting fate for more serious problems to occur. Replace any damaged drain covers before the leaves start falling.

Also, during autumn make sure that you regularly keep an eye on the drain covers and clear away any leaves that are resting on top of grills. A drain cover with a layer of leaves on top of it will not be very effective and the water will gather in pools, or drain away elsewhere, which could cause flooding or damage paving and decking.

There are plastic or metal nets available that you can place over the drain cover. These will collect the leaves, making them easy to dispose of without you having to endure the unpleasantness of scooping up handfuls of rotting leaf matter.

Don’t Forget About the Guttering

Leaves are going to end up on your roof during autumn; it’s inevitable. Of course, this can easily lead to blocked guttering and drain pipes, which can be quite difficult to clear. Clean your guttering out during the summer months, making sure it’s free of debris so when autumn arrives there’s a free flow for rainwater and leaves.


Leaf guards are available, which can be laid across guttering, ensuring that only water gets in and not leaves. This is a very effective method of keeping the gutters clear, and will prevent you from having to climb up a ladder in the cold rain to scoop out handfuls of mulch, which is not an enjoyable task!

Follow these tips this coming autumn to prevent irritating and potential costly issues with drainage at your home or business.

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