Bin It, Don’t Flush It: Public Service Announcements

As well as our drain inspection services and being the go-to-specialists when it comes to blocked drains in Stoke-on-Trent, Nottingham, Derby, and Sheffield, we like to scour the internet occasionally to see how other regions are helping to tackle the issue of drain-to-brain education. In the past, we have posted numerous blogs on what not to flush as well as other instructional blogs relating to what you can and can’t and should and shouldn’t do to give your pipes a chance of a long life.

Well, some say we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones…

Scottish Water

Those folks over at Scottish Water have made a cool, animated video to help educate their inhabitants on what they can do to help keep “the cycle going”. With over 300,000 views on YouTube, their message, while simple, seems particularly effective.

Numptee (Episode 1)

Now over 5 years old, this animated cartoon from Yorkshire Water takes a light-hearted look at the causes of drain and pipe blockage. Using the aptly named Numptee as the video’s slow-to-learn protagonist, we get to watch what can happen if you ignore the warnings.

Numptee (Episode 2)

The second, and unfortunately final, instalment in the life of Numptee takes a look at what can happen if you take your lackadaisical attitude into the workplace. Expect much of the same from Numptee as the free-spirit decides to learn life lessons the hard way.

Don’t Flush That

We felt that this one would be the best to end our internet journey on, not because we think the message is most poignant, but because we want to get this tune stuck in your head!

Are you suffering from toilet overflowing blues? Well so are these guys…  Check out this video made by Keene High School for the city of Keene, USA.

Sorry about that, but you don’t find pearls of musical greatness like that and refrain from sharing them! If you enjoyed them, please share share share and help educate your friends on the risks of being Numptees.

If you’ve been a Numptee or would like to discuss our drain inspection services, or if you have a blocked drain, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07967 029298; but to prevent ever requiring our expertise, just remember: bin it, don’t flush it!

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