Should You Clean Your Own Drains?

Here at Inspect-a-Drain we are often called out to finish a job that has been started by someone hoping to save a little money by trying to clear their own drains. In spite of how disgusting and dangerous drains can be, intrepid homeowners often choose to attempt a clearance on their own, time and time again.

Now personally we know that this is a bad idea but we are pretty biased, in order to give a definitive answer to whether you should or shouldn’t do it yourself, we have by comparing the pros and cons of both options.

Drains Derby


Doing it Yourself


-          You might save some money (presuming that you already have the equipment and don’t break anything in the process)


-          Dirty

-          Smelly

-          Potentially dangerous

-          You could potentially cause costly damage

-          Many drains are hard to access

-          You might compact the blockage and make it worse

-          Potentially dangerous (we know it’s in twice but it really is dangerous!)

This list could go on forever, and believe us when we say that these are all more common issues than you would think. Thankfully there is an alternative way to get rid of your blocked drains in Derby, Nottingham, and Sheffield in the shape of Inspect-A-Drain, we have years of experience in ensuring that your drains are cleared safely and thoroughly. In order to illustrate just how much easier and better an option hiring a professional is, we’ve listed the pros and cons below.

Hiring a Professional 

Blocked Drain Derby



-          You needn’t lift a finger
-          No danger involved
-          We assess the blockage (avoids any further damage to potentially collapsed sections)
-          No need to buy special tools (we’ve got them all and more)
-          We give you a price upfront before the work is undertaken


-          None! Not a single one!

So there you have it, a definitive and almost entirely objective perspective on whether you should attempt to clear your own drains. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you and next time you notice a blockage you’ll simply contact us and let our experienced and professional team take care of the rest.

For blocked drains Derby people trust, contact us now.

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