Fatbergs A Sewers Worst Nightmare

In recent news from the BBC, it was reported that the ‘biggest ever ‘fatberg’ has been removed from a London Sewer’. According to the article, Thames Water states that the lump was around the size of a bus. The sewer blockage had a huge affect on the area, with residents complaining that their toilets could not be flushed. This could have led to a huge back up in the plumbing system, and could even have flooded homes and businesses with raw sewage.

See the video below:

What is a ‘Fatberg’?

As the name suggests, a ‘fatberg’ is a collection of grease, fat, and oils together with hand towels, and other papers. Although the problem is most notable in London and larger cities, there is a risk of the problem developing throughout the country if care isn’t taken when discarding cooking fats, oils etc – especially in the food service industry. This problem is caused by liquid fat and foods being poured down the drain; this then congeals and builds up becoming larger and larger (the London sewer system for example), eventually leading to blocked sewers and drains.

Preventative Methods

To prevent the build up of fat in drainage systems and sewers, it is important to allow hot fat to cool in a container before discarding it in the bin rather than pouring the substance down the sink or drain. Papers that do not break up, such as hand towels, nappies etc should not be flushed down the toilet as these also contribute to the build up of ‘fatbergs’.

Fatbergs can cause substantial drainage issues, as disposal costs can be expensive; however, immediate treatment of this problem is necessary, especially in built up city areas. Before pouring fat down the sink, think twice; you could be creating a fatberg!

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