blocked drains in Sheffield?


If you have ever had blocked drains in Sheffield, then read on. It’s now the summer season and you must be desperate to pull out your suitcases, dust off your summer hats and jet off to far and distant places where the sun always shines and you don’t have to deal with any bothersome drains.

At least… that’s what you think.

There’s a list of things you know to do before you leave your humble home for a couple of weeks. From putting your lights on a timer to making sure all of your windows and doors are locked and blocked from unwanted eyes, if you can take the safety of your home seriously, then why not your drains?


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Imagine your horror when you return home after an amazing, stress free adventure out away from your home town, soaking up the sunshine on white beaches, immersing yourself in a little history and art or feeding your adventurous side on a fun filled action packed outdoors holiday, only to return home to a burst drain.

You may never have had issues with your drains before, but you can guarantee the one time you do; it’ll be when you’re not there to fix it. Suddenly your drains are blocked with debris, there’s sewerage spewing out of your garden, a suitable damp spot has formed on the carpet at your front door and your sink is full of dirty water.

To avoid such un-pleasantries there are a couple of simple, yet effective ways to take care of your drains.


Storm drain

Turn off the main water supply

Turning off your main water supply will help to reduce the risk of finding a startling amount of water leaking through your flooring and damaging your belongings. It takes no more than five minutes (if that) and can save you a costly repair job… and that’s without replacing the furniture and carpet!


Clear all of your external rain water drains

It’s happened before where you’ve had to stand outside in the pouring rain with a brush, clearing a path through the mounting water your drains can no longer carry away before it leaks into your garage and house. While you’re away, there’s nothing stopping that rain from returning in full force to wreak a little havoc. Before you go on holiday, it’s a good idea to make sure all of your rain water drains around your house are clear of leaves and twigs which may block them and cause water to spill out and across your driveway.


Water is bubbling up through manhole cover and sewer 4

Of course the first and foremost thing to do is to fix any drains that are blocked or cracked before you leave your house. If you have blocked drains in Sheffield, we offer reliable drain surveys and services to help amend and issues before they before major problems. For more information, contact our team today on 0800 195 8670.


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