CCTV Surveys Explained

Drainage systems are an incredibly important feature of any property, whether it is commercial or residential, so it is imperative that you hire genuine and experienced engineers whenever you encounter blocked drains or any related problems.

At Inspect-A-Drain we are aware of how much inconvenience a blocked drain can cause, and this is why we strive to complete all the tasks you approach us with, to the highest standard possible. We have the necessary know how and equipment to get your drainage flowing effectively in no time, and one of the ways we use to detect a blockage is through CCTV surveys.

Although it is possible to tackle the odd case of a drain blockage by jetting the blocking substances away or through the use of electromechanical tools, persistent blockages require the use of more complex means of removal. This is when we employ CCTV surveys. A CCTV survey consists of a camera that is pushed down a drain, pipe or sewer to observe the cause of the blockage. The results are displayed on a monitor to allow the engineer to view the source of the recurring blockage.

Many customers with blocked drains in Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby choose CCTV drain inspections, as we make sure they are aware of the advantages of using this highly regarded problem detecting method. The benefits of using CCTV surveys include:

Convenience: There is minimal disruption to your daily routine

Cost efficiency: There is no excavation required

Accuracy: The equipment and method are renowned for their consistency

CCTV surveys are usually coupled with a follow up method, which is the actual solution to the blockage. Many of the solutions available here are typically cost effective, so clients do not have to break the bank to receive the best solution for their drainage. So next time you suspect blocked drains in Derby, Sheffield or Nottingham you should remember that we at Inspect-A-Drain are available to help.

As many of our clients will already know, we specialise in dealing with numerous drainage problems. We are able to provide you with professional assistance when dealing with blocked drains in Sheffield and many other areas. From fatty build-ups to roots growth, we’ve seen it all, and we have the necessary knowhow and equipment to get your drainage flowing effectively in no time. Contact us today on 0800 195 8670 for more information about our services.

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