Four Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Nottingham

Blocked drains are unpleasant, smelly and inconvenient. Here at Inspect-A-Drain, we specialise in dealing with blocked drains in Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby and we’ve seen all sorts of blockages. However, some things come up time and again – these are the most common causes of blocked drains:

Foreign Objects

Some things ought to be flushed down the toilet; other things shouldn’t. Sanitary products and nappies are frequent offenders, but blockages can also be caused by mischievous children flushing away their toys (or the toilet brush, a towel, or whatever happens to be in the bathroom…) Even things that are designed to go down the loo can cause problems in the wrong quantities – like too much toilet roll at once.


Most people don’t think about just how much of their hair comes out in the shower – until they see us pull it out of their blocked drain. Because it can easily snag on other objects and even rough edges inside the pipe, it can build up inside your pipes and gradually obstruct them. You can prevent this to some extent by using a device that catches the hair at the plughole, but these aren’t perfect.


We don’t often see entire trees in drains, but their leaves and roots can often cause serious issues. If you don’t have effective drain covers, leaves can easily make their way into your pipes and build up into a blockage. Meanwhile, tree roots seek out the nearest source of water – and they can break into your pipes to find it. Once there, they’ll grow along the inside of the pipe until they block it entirely.


Grease, fat and similar sorts of sticky, slimy muck – if you tip it down your plughole, chances are it will cling to the sides of the pipe and stick there, building up until nothing can move through it. This is another cause that can be prevented, simply by being careful about what you dispose of through your waste pipes, but many a householder has had to face blocked pipes because the previous owner wasn’t so careful.

Whatever might be the cause of your blocked drains in Sheffield or the surrounding area, call Inspect-A-Drain for a prompt, professional and effective service. Our team of expert drainage engineers can help with surveys and drain tests, repairs to damaged pipes and clearing blocked drains in Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and anywhere in between, so call us on 0800 195 8670 today.

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