Expert Advice on How to Prevent Blocked Drains in Nottingham

Those who have experienced a blocked drain on their property before will tell you that they can be particularly unpleasant, leaving nasty smells lingering in your home, as you are unable to dispose wastewater from your property. Although some drain blockage situations are none of the homeowners fault, many of them are and they can be prevented in the first place.

As a company that provides assistance with blocked drains in Nottingham, we would like to present to you tips to help you eliminate the likelihood of blocked drains on your property:

The hot water trick: The sink is a part of the kitchen that many of us use frequently throughout the day. Grease and other substances regularly poured down the sink are the greatest sources of blocked drains, so it is a good habit to make sure you pour hot water down the sink every time after use. Hot water helps keep all the oily substances running down the pipes instead of solidifying and clogging the pipes.

Turn to the cupboard: If grease and other organic substances have been building up over time, it is likely that hot water will not be powerful enough to wash away these unwanted substances. In this case, you can turn to the cupboard for help – this is probably one of the few times when vinegar and baking soda will make a perfect combination. Vinegar is a very acidic substance, so pouring it down the sink will help loosen and wash away the clogged substances. A large dose of baking soda followed by hot water will help completely wash away the grease and mask any nasty smells produced.

Building work: Construction work at your home could be the source of a major blocked drain if the workmen are not cautious about the drainage system. Any work that interferes with the drainage should be approved by the local authority before it commences, as non-professional work might harm the whole neighbourhood’s drainage system.

Cautiousness: In a previous blog called four common causes of blocked drains, we discussed the main things that cause the most blockages in residential drains. You need to be cautious about what you flush down the drains. From our experience, foreign objects like sanitary towels, children’s toys and hair that gradually collects in the shower cause the most blockages, so it is important to ensure nothing as such or similar ends up in your drain.

It is important to make sure that you try your best to keep your drains clean to prevent any nasty surprises in the form of blockages. However, in the case of your encountering blocked drains in Sheffield, you should contact professionals like us at Inspect-A-Drain. We offer assistance to many clients with blocked drains in Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Contact us on 01335 360 879 for more information about our services.

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