Take a Tour in the Sewers

It might not sound like the most fun way you can spend a Saturday afternoon, but if you live in or happen to be visiting Brighton, you can take a tour around the depths of the historic sewer system. The tours take you back to learn about the secrets of 150 years ago, and show you how the Victorian system continues to serve the city.

Brief History

Obviously, we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so we’ll keep the history brief! Until the mid 1800s, Brighton was without a sewer system, so household waste would flow outside into a cesspool at the back of the house. Thankfully, this all changed in 1860, when the town council decided to create a system that would drain out to sea. It is commonly said that the reason Brighton’s beaches are pebbled, rather than sandy, is because the bricklayers took sand from the beaches to make the cement for the sewer’s bricks.

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What Happens

When you take a tour around Brighton’s sewers, you will listen to a short talk and watch an informative video before you get down to the good stuff! After being kitted out with hard hats, passes and protective latex gloves, you will get to venture into the depths of the old system, where you will walk 400 yards of the 30 miles of sewers during a tour which will last around an hour.

What You Need to Know

As it is still a working sewer, there are plenty of precautions being taken to ensure that you are safe during the tour. This means that there is an alarm system in place that will alert your guide about sudden rain or a build-up of gases, ensuring they can get you to safety in plenty of time. The tours are only open to children over 11 years old, and it is advised that those who wish to attend are in relatively good health due to the fact that you will have to walk through the cramped and often slippery tunnels (as well as climb a 15 ft vertical exit ladder).

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