Thameslink Chaos Blamed on Blocked Drains

When you come to us needing help with blocked drains in Sheffield and the like, you’re probably fairly concerned about the problem, but it’s likely that you’re not thinking that your entire world is going to grind to a halt. Sure, it’s an annoyance that needs to be sorted, but is it really such a serious issue? Well, just ask rail commuters in London how bothersome a case of blocked drains can be…

Thameslink Track Submerged

At the end of January, Thameslink services in London were severely affected after a section of the track became totally submerged. According to pictures that can be seen on the ITV News website, the disruption was caused by the simple expedient of a blocked drain. Apparently, the underlying issue was actually a burst water main, but it was a clogged up grill that rendered this water unable to flow away in a natural manner. The problem was first identified nearly a decade ago, but a lack of regular maintenance resulted in the complications becoming far more obvious than ever before.

Who Is To Blame – Rail or Water?

However, it’s not only commuters who have been thrown into chaos by this flooding, as Network Rail has approached Thames Water with a colossal bill in light of the situation. Inversely, Thames Water has blamed the inactivity of Network Rail with regards to maintenance. After clearing the blockage away from the railway system grill, Thames Water stated in no uncertain terms that they thought Network Rail were to blame. Regardless, this is far from the first leak or drainage issue that has dogged Thameslink of late, so it’s to be hoped that a solution can be found soon.

Domestic Drainage Problems

Obviously, domestic drainage problems are unlikely to result in a submerged railway, but a valuable principle can still be learned from this large-scale episode. If you notice a potential problem with your drainage, get it sorted out as soon as you possibly can. Leaving it in the hope that it’ll go away is not recommended, as existing concerns will begin to escalate into something even more serious.

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