The World’s Most Spectacular… Drains and Sewers

Who says sewers can’t be stunning?

It really is possible to find beauty in everything, and the world’s drains and sewers are no exception.

Not convinced? Then read on, as we take a look at some of the world’s most spectacular drainage systems – prepare to be amazed!

Tokyo’s Underground Storm Drain

Located on the outskirts of Tokyo, deep beneath the city’s streets, is a drain like no other.

Known as the ‘Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel’, this colossal storm drain protects the city’s 13 million residents from flooding.

It’s the largest storm drain on Earth, and consists of 5 vast concrete silos, which each stand at an impressive 65 meters.

These are all connected to one massive water tank by a series of elaborate tunnels that stretch for miles on end.

The drain’s huge main hall – which is the size of a football pitch – resembles something out of a sci-fi film. Supported by 59 gigantic columns, it’s a real showstopper too, and is affectionately known as the ‘underground temple’.

This gargantuan drainage system is capable of pumping over 200 tons of water a second – pretty impressive really!



The Paris Sewer Museum

Fancy a tour with a difference? Then head to the romantically named Le Musée des Égouts de Paris. Or, rather less romantically, the Paris Sewer Museum. Here you can explore the vast underground sewer networks located beneath this city’s streets.

Yes, that’s right, you really can take a stroll through a sewer, and yes, people actually do this.

It’s dark, damp, and a little gross. But if you’re interested in engineering or fancy exploring a tourist attraction that’s a little off-the-wall, then it could be right up your street.

It’s worth it for the incredible atmosphere alone, which is more than a little eerie. Oh, and the amazing architecture on show isn’t bad either!


Roman Sewer, Cologne

The historic city of Cologne still boasts a number of relics from its Roman past and, arguably, the most impressive of these is a sewer.

Hidden below those ancient streets is a resplendent Roman sewer system that remains remarkably well-preserved.

If you fancy checking out this fantastic feat of Roman engineering for yourself, then you’re in luck. The sewer is open to the public, and all told, exploring its archaic depths is a pretty amazing experience.

If you’re worried about the possible stench, don’t be – after all, it’s been a while since it was last used!



Monticello Dam, Spillway

As well as being an impressive man-made wonder in its own right, the Monticello Dam is also famous for its huge drain hole.

Known as the ‘Morning Glory Spillway’, this gigantic drain allows vast quantities of water to bypass the dam once it has reached full capacity. And it’s pretty good at this job too, swallowing water at a rate of 48,800 cubic feet per second!



We hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of some of the world’s most spectacular drainage systems. And who knows, maybe it’s given you a whole new appreciation for these unsung heroes.

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