Drain unblocking Nottingham Why is my Drain Blocked?

Has your drain started making funny noises? Is there a nasty lingering smell? Both of these are signs that you have a blocked drain.

Dealing with a blocked drain in your home is probably right at the bottom of the list of things you want to be doing. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk away and hope it clears up. It’s something that needs fixing ASAP.

You might be able to tackle the problem yourself. Well, as long as you have the correct equipment. If you don’t happen to have the appropriate tools needed to fix a blocked drain, it’s much better to call out a professional.

Your time is better spent working out exactly why you have had this problem in the first place. There are lots of different causes of blocked drains, but it’s mainly one of the following.

Blocked drains
Broken Pipes  

Water is unable to flow freely when there is a problem with your pipes; therefore it’s likely that it will start to build up and eventually collapse.

A lot of drainage issues arise when there are problems with your pipes. Even the slightest fracture in a pipe can leave you open to numerous blockages. Unfortunately, pipes can easily become shattered or broken through age or general wear and tear. It’s not easy to identify too; which means it often left until it’s too late.

 Pipes Installed Incorrectly

Broken pipes aren’t the only pipe related issue that can lead to blocked drains; pipes that are incorrectly installed can also cause huge problems. They easily become misaligned or broken, leading to damage to your drainage systems.

This is mainly when people have attempted to install their own pipes. It might save you money initially, but it will definitely cost you a lot more in the long run.

Foreign Objects

There is a long list of items that shouldn’t be flushed down your toilet or washed down your drain. From makeup wipes and sanitary items to food and children’s toys; these should never be put anywhere near your toilet or sink. When foreign items are flushed down the drains – unintentionally or intentionally – it will cause a nasty blockage. These should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way!

Blocked drains

Hair is possibly the number one cause of blocked drains in this country. Women lose up to 150 strands of hair a day. How much of this is lost when in the shower or standing over the sink? When your hair begins to build up in your drains, it comes together to form one huge chunk that blocks the entrance to your pipes. Overtime, it attracts even more materials, which is when the situation begins to get worse.


Similar to the build up of hair in your bath and shower, grease and oil is something that builds up in your kitchen sink over time. In fact, builds up of fat are some of the most common causes of blocked drains. Every time you wash it down your sink, it becomes stuck to the sides of your pipes. This builds up to the point where nothing else is able to get in or out of the pipes.

Blocked drains
Don’t forget; it’s better to contact a professional. Don’t try and tackle a blocked drain yourself; it’s likely that you’ll make the problem a lot worse. Give us a call if you are looking for a drain unblocking Nottingham company.

At Inspect-A-Drain, our main aim is to provide you with a fast, professional and efficient service. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to assist you with any and all drainage problems.

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