Summer Flash Floods and Blocked Drains

With summer at its height, you may not be unduly worried about flooded drains, and despite the inconsistent weather in the UK you’re probably still looking forward to many weeks of warm, sunny weather.

Despite this, flash floods can actually be a real concern in the hot summer months, and as a specialist servicer of blocked drains Derby residence rely on we’ve seen plenty of people get caught out by a neglected drain in the summertime. But what exactly do we mean by this?

Blocked Drain Derby

Flash Floods

Flash flooding occurs when rain becomes so heavy that the ground simply can’t take it anymore. Either it can’t drain freely away, or it simply takes too long to do so, but the result is that a lot of ground can become flooded. Of course, this problem is exacerbated if there is a nearby water source to overflow, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re only at risk if your home is located near a body of water.

The Problem with Summer

So what’s the problem with summer?

That would be the dry ground.

Summer thunderstorms are hardly unknown in the UK, but they are doubly problematic because they are interspersed with hot weather that bakes the ground, resulting in it being far too hard and dry to absorb much water. This means that in the event of a heavy summer downpour, you could soon have a flood on your hands, given the sheer quantity of rain that regularly falls.

Blocked Drains

If people spot a blocked drain in winter, then they tend to act more quickly. They’re perhaps less likely to panic if they see such a drain in summer. Actually though, the conditions in summer can lead to far more floods in some areas, so it really does pay to take a lot of notice when it comes to keeping your drains clear.

If your drains are in need of some maintenance, or you suspect that you may have a blockage, then we welcome you to get in touch with us here at Inspect-a-Drain Ltd. We’re frequently called out to deal with blocked drains in Mansfield, blocked drains in Stoke on Trent and various drainage problems in other nearby areas, so we’re ideally placed to solve any and all drainage concerns that you might have. If you’d like to find out more, then be sure to contact us by calling 01335 360879 or emailing

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