Smelly Drains: How to Fix Foul Smelling Drains

At Inspect A Drain Ltd, we often get calls about smelly drains. Foul smells from drains in our homes and offices are fairly common and is usually a clue that something is wrong. Although the outside drain may appear clear and might not seem to be a blocked drain, a horrible smell can indicate a problem elsewhere inside the pipework. So if you have foul smelling drainage then read on.

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So, What Causes Smelly Drains?

This section will show you how to clean a smelly outside drain and a cure for smelly drains. Often smelly drains will cause a smell to permeate throughout many rooms in your home. There are many things that can cause your drains to smell, such as:

Trapped food

This is one of the most common causes of smelly drains and you can tell as your sink will drain slowly or even become blocked. Even when care is taken food particles still get washed down and begin to decompose in the pipework, leading to foul smells.

how to fix smelly drains

Partial Blockages

Another issue causing smelly drains can be non-decomposable items becoming stuck in the drain. This then causes more items to become blocked causing foul smells.

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Pipes and Pipe Fittings

The source of the nasty smells can also be the pipework itself. Depending on the material they are made from, pipes can simply corrode over time. If this is the case you should call us and we will advise you on the best solution.

How Can I Fix Smelly Drains?

Sometimes you may notice a foul smell emanating from your drains but your water will be flowing ok. This may indicate a problem within the pipework that needs fixing quickly otherwise it can cause much bigger problems later on.

Kitchen & Bathroom Drains

Kitchen and Bathroom drains are the most common areas for smelly drains and often the simplest to rectify. If this is your problem then simply flush very hot water and bleach down the drain and this may loosen the blockage and get rid of the smells.

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It’s a good idea to clean the plug hole first as this can be the problem. The problem could also be down to your Soil Vent Pipe, if so or if none of these work you should call us and we will advise you accordingly.

Backed Up Sewers

Blockages in your sewers are usually caused by cooking fats and oils, cosmetic items and sanitary products being stuck in the pipework. These blockages cause a backup which leads to foul smells in and around your property.

To remedy

If the blockage is within your property boundary it is your responsibility to get it fixed. To fix the issue of a backed up sewer you will need a professional company to do a CCTV inspection and high powered water jetting. This type of work is usually beyond the scope of a DIY enthusiast.

The pipe could also be damaged or collapsed which can cause all sorts of additional problems, including backups and blockages leading to foul smells inside and outside the home or office.
In this situation you will need professional help. CCTV surveys will identify any damage and once fixed the smell should disappear quickly.

If the sewer blockage is in a public sewer not on your property, or within a shared drainage system then you should contact the local water authority as it will be is the responsibility of the water authority to remedy the issue.

Cleaning Fluids.

Whilst there are a range of blockage clearance liquids etc readily available at supermarkets we will never recommend their use as these, in some cases, can damage your pipework. If you are concerned that this may occur then you should call a professional.

Inspect a Drain Ltd provide a professional drain clearance and repair service in Derby, Nottingham and surrounding areas. If you have any problems from smelly drains through to more serious drainage problems, contact us.

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